Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey, Austria is stupid about pot too! Love, USA

An Austrian man grew "up to" 3 - 4 marijuana plants a year for 8 years in an area where no other human being could ever possibly come across them.  This strikes me as an extremely small operation with absolutely zero danger to the public in so much as a visitor, hiker or other person stumbling upon a marijuana plant = danger.

A 59-year-old Austrian zookeeper has been sacked after planting and cultivating up to 30 marijuana plants in a rhinoceros' cage over an eight year period.
The elaborate operation was discovered at the Hellbrunn Zoo near Salzburg after a tip-off from one of the keepers' drug clients.
The man was the only human allowed in the enclosure, which allowed him to tend to his plants without suspicion.
The rhinos never ate the cannabis plants.

Elaborate?  I think your definition of elaborate is elaborate.

Zookeeper sacked for growing drugs in rhino enclosure

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