Friday, July 31, 2009

Thin Blue Lie

Shocking shockaroo:

Alexandra Torrensvilas was the target of cops who pinned a DUI on her for an accident they caused. Now she has been cleared of charges after the Broward State Attorney's Office officially dropped the four DUI citations on Wednesday.

But the saga is far from over as now prosecutors turn their attention to the four Hollywood police officers who made up an intricate story to cover for a February traffic accident involving a cop car. The scheme was caught on one of the officers dashboard cameras.

The disturbing video shows Alexandra Torrensvilas, 23, handcuffed in the back of the squad car as the officers get their stories straight on what they are going to say happened.

Four coppers put their heads together and devised an extremely brilliant and clever and credible story about a cat jumping out a window and the officer believing the cat might be a human bean.

And they woulda gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling dashboard cams!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr. Conrad Murray: XXX Evil

If<------That's IF - I'm just speculating here, as I am wont to do - If media reports to date are accurate, here's why I think Dr. Murray qualifies for the 'extra evil' award: MJ was dead, long dead, no hope for reviving him dead well before Dr. Murray called for Prince and security guards. (btw, why did the Dr. call for a 12 year old kid in this sitch? Shouldn't he have been dialing 911 or performing CPR or doing something useful?) And even though MJ was gone, Dr. Murray let the kids pray in the hallway for their Dad to be ok. Whatever else Dr. Murray may or may not be guilty of, that particular offense is so egregious to my mind, I am glad there's no chance I'll be called to any possible jury in the case.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Obligatory disclaimer: Most of us in SC are regular people. Really:

A man remains jailed after police say he was caught on video surveillance having sexual intercourse with a horse at a South Carolina stable for the second time in the past three years.

Rodell Vereen, 50, is charged with buggery and trespassing after a woman who owns Lazy B Stables on Coates Road in the Wampee section of Horry County told officers she caught the suspect having sex with a horse.


A family member said Wednesday that Vereen was diagnosed with a "mental disease'' more than 10 years ago.
"He's supposed to be on medication but I don't believe he's been taking it,'' said Beulah Vereen, also a neighbor.

Let this be a lesson to us all who have teh mental disease: Take your meds.

Schmealth Care Reform

Blue Dogs on health care reform: What's the rush? We already have access to health care. The rest of y'all can just keep waiting while we dick around.

To paraphrase a line from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Blue Dog Dems will be first against the wall when the election comes.

Meanwhile, Ima start preparing my excuse speech to my Dr. for why I had to go another year without a mammogram. And I'll be taking names.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mobile's Finest

Alabama police, protecting local restrooms from the disabled:

Mobile police used pepper spray and a Taser on a deaf and mentally disabled man Friday after they were unable to get him to come out of a bathroom at a Dollar General store, authorities said.

After forcibly removing Antonio Love from the bathroom of the Azalea Road store, officers attempted to book the 37-year-old, on charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and failure to obey a police officer, but the magistrate on duty at the jail refused to accept any of those charges.

Love's family members said they had no idea where he was during the time that
police had him in custody. Brodrick Love said the officers dropped his brother
off in the parking lot of their apartment building without saying what happened or why his brother had been missing for six hours.

Love's family members have filed a formal complaint against the officers.

Somehow I don't guess Mr. Love's family will be getting an invite to the White House for a beerfest with Mobile police. Their story just doesn't have that kinda sexaay to it. Good luck with that complaint thingy though.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Play Oddball

Another good reason not to huff gasoline

See, that's what you get

Charlie Crist employs Brown Ink Defense

I didn't realize McDonald's food was that good

O man, I hate it when that happens

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wouldn't You Like to be a Perper Too?

I love me some Dr. Perper. He is the doc who determined that Anna Nicole was killed by an overdose of prescription meds. He is telling E! News that he expects similar results in the MJ toxicology report which is supposed to be made public this week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where in the World is Dr. Conrad Murray?

Apparently the Feds raided Dr. Murray's clinic in Houston. Seems to me they are about 27 days late. Methinks someone in the DEA's Department of Gluing Shredded Documents Back Together is going to be getting overtime this week.

Or maybe they got lucky and found complete records:

June 24, 2009:
  • Administered illegally obtained surgical anesthetic which I'm not qualified to give. Man, I do NOT know what I'm doing, ha ha.
  • High School Musical DVD marathon tonight!
June 25th, 2009:
  • Fell asleep watching High School Musical. Better check patient.
  • Patient deceased - d'oh! How do you administer CPR thing?
  • Note: Need to attend Red Cross refresher course

Really now, is that germane to the discussion?

Oh ABC, you snarky little network:
Jermaine Jackson also tearfully scolded the media for the intense scrutiny his brother's death and custody battle have undergone.
"Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him," the Gloved One's brother said.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying to cop a moon rock. You holdin'?

From BoingBoing:

US law forbids private citizens from possessing any of the 842 pounds of moon rocks collected by astronauts and brought back to Earth.

Nevertheless, the allure of moon rocks is strong enough to have created a black market where moon rock fragments and dust are sold for astronomical prices.

Well since they're all presumably props from a set on a secret military installation somewhere, I don't see why they should cost so much.


GoodQuickRead: My friend Heather waxes and wanes on the moon landing.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Geraldo Rivera Interview w/MJ

From February 2005



Part 1 of 5

Part 2 of 5

Part 3 of 5

Part 4 of 5

Part 5 of 5

Elk Herd Stalked by UFO

I am a UFO buff and enjoy following reports of sightings. Disappointingly, most fall short of the plausibility mark. But I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

In Colorado, men saw a UFO which they say frightened some elk:
Both Mauro and Pscholka said the object flew toward a meadow filled with elk, scared the animals and then floated out of sight. The whole episode lasted between five and 10 minutes.
I am intrigued by the observation of the scared elk. They don't say the elk stampeded away from the scene or began spinning in circles, fainting or yelling their snouts off - so how do they know they were scared exactly? Was it sort of a look?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

LAPD Foiled Again

From TMZ:
We're told the LAPD planned a third interview with Dr. Murray earlier in the week -- the doctor was interviewed the day Jackson died and again two days later.

Reps from the L.A. County Coroner's office planned to attend the third interview, but we're told Dr. Murray's lawyer called and said the doctor would not be speaking to the cops at this time.

And here's the best part. Our sources say the cops called the lawyer back and they were referred to the lawyer's lawyer who said Dr. Murray's lawyer would not be speaking to them!

Oh Snap!

Well played lawyer and lawyer's lawyer. You've won this round but the LAPD always gets their man. Actually - is there any way to bring in Scotland Yard?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's Play Oddball

Heil Hibiscus! Garden gnome just following borders

I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often

I have trouble seeing images of the Virgin Mary on grilled cheese sandwiches, and I'm not sure I see this image of Michael Jackson either

From one of my fave blogs, check out the "nauseous basketball"

From the Website for Everything files: I love pizza, but possibly a teeny bit less now

I believe.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Propofol Abuse

Interesting article from January 2009:

Propofol is a drug that in a sense doesn’t get you high,” said Omar S. Manejwala, MD, associate medical director at the William J. Farley Center at Williamsburg Place, an addiction treatment clinic in Virginia that, like Talbott, also focuses on physicians. “It blocks out the world,”

In his experience, Dr. Manejwala said, nearly every propofol addict started injecting to overcome persistent insomnia. That aspect of the medication fits neatly with the link both Drs. Manejwala and Earley have observed between propofol abuse and a history of trauma. “One of the hallmark symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD] is hyperarousal. Folks with PTSD want to block that out,” Dr. Manejwala said.

What’s puzzling, experts said, is the strength of the connection. “I don’t know of any other drug where the perceived incidence of trauma, particularly of sexual trauma [in abusers], is so high,” Dr. Manejwala said. “It’s really quite remarkable.”

The article also takes about mortality rates among abusers. Another bit I found interesting, in light of all the talk about "functioning addicts":

Unlike abusers of alcohol or most other substances, propofol addicts are unable to function on the job, said Paul Earley, MD, medical director of the Talbott Recovery Campus, an addiction rehabilitation facility in Atlanta that specializes in treating doctors and other healthcare providers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MJ News Tidbits

24 seconds of an unreleased MJ song (bring on the years of "Milk and Honey" *ding*)

Read what Paul McCartney says says says about how his friendship with MJ ended

The Daily Beast has Rx dirt on Dr. Klein<-----shocking

Miko Brando, who told Larry King that MJ's drug use consisted of taking an occasional aspirin for a headache, was on GMA to further deny, deny, deny "speculate". Speaking of speculation, Billy thinks that Miko is Blanket's father. I hafta admit, I do see a resemblance.

My Anti-Christmas List of MJ Memorabilia

Things not to get me for Christmas. Or ever:

Baseball cards

Any of this "art"

Bullet proof vest

Anything Uri Geller is selling

And, not at any price:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Beginning of the End?

Et tu Tito?

Brother Tito is talking to the Brit tabloids too:
Tito Jackson told yesterday how he and his brothers and sisters launched a military-style raid on Neverland to confront Michael over his addiction to painkillers.

Seems like the family was all deny, deny, deny when MJ was alive. Now they're selling their stories of conducting military-style raids to help MJ get off drugs. [Please provide photo of Jackson family in SWAT garb.]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Smells Like Reasonable Doubt

Potential defense strategy falls into the lap of Dr. Murray's attorney, courtesy of the FDA:

Now, some lots of propofol are being recalled for contamination.
Last night, the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration advised clinicians immediately to stop using propofol from two lots found to be tainted with elevated levels of endotoxin, a powerful toxin made by bacteria.

What a coinkydink gift from god.


Remember around Christmas when Ian Halperin was doing teasers for his upcoming book, claiming MJ needed a lung transplant and suffered from several other life threatening medical disorders too? Well now his book is ready (after some furious last minute rewrites post June 25th) and it reportedly contains some whoppers:
Michael Jackson was into men, not boys - and masqueraded as a woman with his lovers, a new book claims.

Monday, July 13, 2009

State of Shock

You might remember the Jacksons hit "State of Shock" which MJ sang with Mick Jagger. But before that was recorded, a demo of the song was made featuring MJ singing with the superawesomegreat Freddie Mercury. I vote for this version!

This is It

Today would have been the start of MJ's 50 concerts in London. Fans have gathered at the O2 arena to pay tribute.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJ News Tidbits

LaToya Jackson - who told the press in 1993 that MJ was a child molester, posed for Playboy twice and filmed a video for Playboy, claimed her father sexually abused her and her sister - and then later turned around and claimed her abusive husband forced her to say and do all those things under threat of physical harm, that LaToya Jackson, has now reportedly been giving interviews to Brit tabloids. MSNBC says:
Michael Jackson's sister La Toya reportedly told British tabloid The News of the World that the King of Pop was murdered for his $1 billion fortune.

"I know who did it and I won't rest until I nail them," she allegedly told the newspaper on Saturday night.

I think I'll wait awhile and see if she stands by this report or what. For now, Ima file it under Your brother isn't even buried yet.

Also on MSNBC:

"[Debbie] says that she will definitely be at the custody hearing," says Marc Schaffel, a former business partner of Jackson's and a close friend of Rowe's.
Katherine was named guardian in Jackson’s will, which was revealed last week, and is petitioning the court to keep the children with her. Neither party is required to appear in court, officials say.
Is Ringling Bros. still in town?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Didn't Make This, I'm Not That Patient

I just thought it looked neato.




Regarding the Jordan Chandler Internet Posting

Ever since MJ died, numerous websites have been posting a story alleging that Jordan Chandler has recanted his molestation accusations. Slate takes a look at the legal issues surrounding the possibility of Chandler speaking out now or ever.

Living with Joe Jackson

MJ talks about being raised by his father, Joe Jackson, in the infamous Martin Bashir documentary "Living with Michael Jackson". Monday's custody hearing regarding MJ's 3 kids has again been postponed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Name That Historical Figure

Apparently MJ liked to see himself painted with other famous figures. I saw this photo on TMZ today (police photo taken during raid on Neverland in 2003 which turned up no kiddie porn) and wondered if we could figure out who is in the painting. (I don't have a larger version so get your squinty eyes out.)

I'm putting my guesses in the comments.

Incidentally, and as seen below the painting, I noticed MJ had a lot of Shirley Temple memorabilia in his home. My Dad named me after Shirley Temple. Loop the loop.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Non-Shock Vid

This 3 minute clip of MJ answering lawyer questions in 1996 regarding child molestation accusations reveals a normal person, reacting as I imagine I or any of us might. Judge for yourself:

MJ Death Investigation: This is Your Brain

File under "Too little, too late": TMZ reports that the Jackson family has given LAPD a list of Drs. they are suspicious may have wrongly prescribed drugs to MJ. Yeah, let's all demand accountability now...

One of the Drs. on that list is supposedly Dr. Klein, the dermatologist who MJ is reported to have visited frequently. The Daily Beast traces MJ's connection to Dr. Klein which goes back to Liz Taylor.

I'll be following developments with interest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"I Love You More"

Although I've never believed in Heaven per se, I appreciate that many people do and I can understand why. It does bring a little comfort to think that maybe on some smoky stage in the sky, MJ and James Brown are bustin' moves right now.

"Thank you Michael"

I was unprepared for the depth of sorrow I felt after the death of MJ. Today I am equally moved and inspired by such a loving memorial service. Perhaps the greatest tribute anyone can pay to a fellow man is to keep his dreams alive, to keep striving for the goals he worked towards in life.

Thank you Michael.

"I Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer"

Seeing the two memorial performances that I believe were performed as rehearsed for the "This is It" tour made me realize what a wonderful show MJ had prepared for his fans. I guess no one should be surprised.

MJ Memorial

Just when I thought I had no more tears left, Paris Jackson spoke. She is a strong and brave girl. Her Dad did a good job.

Make That Change

Wish Congressman Peter King (R) of NY would STFU and get out of "public service"? ActBlue is on it.

Where there is love...

Random Thoughts on MJ: Groundbreaking Entertainer

Before there was the "human beatbox", there was Michael Jackson using his voice in innovative ways to carry a song vocally. Before there were MP3s, there was MJ's "Off the Wall" record, using the best producer and engineers to record the greatest depth of sounds which still hold up incredibly well even in a compressed format. Before there were black artists getting airplay on MTV, there was Michael Jackson breaking that barrier and opening the gates. Before there were music videos featuring groups of dancers telling a story, there was MJ's "Beat It" video. Before there were music videos in a short film format, there was MJ's "Thriller" video.

And this only takes us to the halfway point in MJ's life - shy actually.

Michael Jackson continually reinvented himself with innovative performances and record breaking musical milestones. Although he started out as a boy imitating James Brown, he developed his own distinct style of dance - and kept doing that, time after time. The man could dance on sand for goodness sakes! I wouldn't be surprised, when we eventually see the full release of the rehearsal footage taped in the weeks before his death, if he hadn't again come up with a new style of dance, tailored to the performance capabilities of a 50 year old man.

I think about how many firsts MJ was responsible for in his career and I remember the firsts I shared with him as a fan. The first album I ever bought was "Off the Wall" - also the first time I ever got the parental "Turn that damn thing down!". The first time I ever saw the moonwalk was during MJ's performance at the Motown 25th anniversary on TV. It wasn't just an "Ooh, ah" moment - my reality shifted for a few seconds and I was left muttering, "What just happened?". All at once my mind raced to make sense of what I had seen - Did he defy gravity? Special camera effects? Magical illusion? Have I gone mad? It was like that. I watched the world premiere of "Thriller" on MTV and again - blown away. I had thought "Beat It" was amazing but now here was a little movie and the group dancing is even more amazing and they're zombies! That was the first time I got my Mom to sit down and watch a music video with me. I'm a special effects wonk so seeing the morphing at the end of the "Black or White" video was another dazzling first for me.

I'm trying to stay positive today, a la "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". It's hard.

From MJ's last interview, a 2007 cover piece with Ebony magazine:

"Let's face it. Who wants mortality? Everybody wants immortality. You want what you create to live, be it sculpting, painting, music, composition. Michaelangelo said, 'I know the creator will go, but his work survives'. That is why to escape death I attempt to bind my soul to my work."

Monday, July 6, 2009

That's A Lotta Stuff

Panoramic shot of all the items MJ was going to auction to raise cash earlier this year but changed his mind at the last minute.

Lawyer for Dr. Murray - Unconscious or Unconscionable?

Lawyer for the Dr. who didn't know proper CPR technique, couldn't find a phone/didn't know MJ's address to call 911 - well that lawyer apparently drunk dialed TMZ last night. See they were wondering, as are lots of people, why the vehement denials in the media about Demerol and Oxycontin immediately after MJ's death but now that Propofol has been found - *crickets*. The lawyer's rep called TMZ this morning to say "he was not conscious" (lovet!) during the phone interview last night. Since all the lawyer said was basically "no comment" anyway, I'm wondering why the damage control today. Maybe the guy really was talking in his sleep?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random Thoughts on MJ

I'll probably be posting random thoughts on Michael Jackson's life and death for awhile. Fair warning.

I never thought Michael Jackson was a child molester. On the contrary, he seemed to me to have had a great love for children, especially his own. Rather, I think that what we so often perceived as bizarre behavior and bad judgment on his part was likely explainable in far more pedestrian terms: childhood trauma, mental illness and drug addiction. I would guess his mental illness was mistreated by ethically pliable Doctors which allowed him to fuel his addiction to prescription meds. And ultimately ended his life.

But child molester? Nay, in my opinion. I wasn't at the trial and just had to make up my mind like everyone else, based upon media coverage and gut feelings. Although the public never knew many details on the initial accuser who settled out of court in 1993 (the case sounded like extortion to me), we did get a lot of information during the 2005 trial. I never found those accusations credible either, especially in light of the criminal Mother of the accuser who had a history of lying and coaching her kids to lie in order to scam the system for money. The Prosecution's case struck me as weak, the Defense arguments seemed plausible and Macaulay Culkin's testimony in particular seemed very genuine to me. Ultimately the jury found that guilt beyond a reasonable doubt was not proven. I know juries don't always get it right but I did agree with the verdict in this case.

To the Diane Dimonds of the world, Jackson might as well have been found guilty - before the trial even started and long after his acquittal. Many in the media had long made up their minds about Jackson's guilt, regardless of criminal convictions. Which is why it struck me as two-faced to hear all these same people praising him after his death. With a matter of hours, he had somehow transformed in the media from Wacko Jacko child molester to "humanitarian" and "the greatest entertainer of all time".

Suddenly everyone seemed to be tripping over themselves to get to a microphone and say something nice about Jackson. On the red carpet at the BET Awards, I think he got credit for everything from the success of MTV to Obama being elected President - no kiddie jokes, no plastic surgery sneers, nothing but praise. Although I'm no fan of Jackson's father Joe, I understood when he said he wished Michael could have witnessed this outpouring of love in life, not in death. I wish that too.

Coupla Songs

Now. Here. This.

I'm expanding this blog to allow for (even) more inanity and miscellaneousity. Stay tuned.