Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seven Seconds of Truth

Does this look like a semi-feral dog whose chances at becoming an adoptable pet are so poor she should be killed?

Meet Jeri. Jeri was killed on February 28, 2011 by the Humane Society of Etowah Co in AL because they deemed her unadoptable. They said she was afraid of people and they had tried to work with her but she was unsalvageable. She was just a puppy and had been taken from the only home she'd known in December by the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS left her at the HS of Etowah Co to be disposed of as they saw fit.

I had requested donations be sent to this shelter on my YesBiscuit! blog after speaking with the director about Jeri and her brother Ben (whom they still have). One of my readers provided a consultation via phone at no charge to assist in socializing Jeri and Ben. When she contacted the shelter to follow-up and offer additional help, they didn't reply so she assumed everything must be going well. The shelter knew there were people who cared about Jeri and knew there were resources available to them. But they did not reach out to the rescue community before killing Jeri. I guess she just wasn't worth it. They killed her to make space for a dog they deemed "more adoptable".

Fuck this bullshit.

I realize this video is only 7 seconds long and it's impossible to know a dog's whole personality in a short video clip. But if you've ever loved a dog, I think you'll probably see what I see in this video - a happy, friendly dog who would have made someone a wonderful pet. It's only 7 seconds, but it's all that remains of Jeri's time in this life.

Jeri was betrayed by those who hide behind the name "Humane Society" when there is nothing humane about them at all.

I won't forget you Jeri. You were loved, even if you didn't quite know it at the end. And you will always be loved by those who care about shelter pets - that is, the real humane society. Small h, small s. We may not have $100 million dollar bank accounts like some so-called humane societies but we have something far more valuable: compassion.

Be seeing you Punkin.