Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GOP Unleashes the Hate on Rep. Spratt

Rep. John Spratt (D-SC) recently announced he has early stage Parkinson's disease and will run for a 15th term. Yesterday the National Republican Congressional Committee released a hatriotic statement regarding the Representative:
The statement calls the 67-year-old House Budget Committee chairman “Amnesiac John Spratt” and contained six bold-lettered allegations that he's forgetting what's happening in Washington.

"After 28 years in Washington, John Spratt's memory is failing him,” it began. He “can't even recall what Obamacare does … Now — worst of all — it seems he's completely forgotten who he works for.”
Oh GOP, your Mom must be so proud.
Andy Sere, a spokesman for the Republican committee, said the statement was not a swipe at Spratt's health. Asked for a similar statement criticizing another Democrat, he couldn't cite another example so heavily focused on a congressman's memory.

As rationale for the criticism, Sere noted a recent comment from Spratt that it is sometimes difficult to remember which provisions were in the different versions of the massive health care bill.
"Sometimes difficult to remember" details of lengthy legislative proposals totally equals "amnesiac". And what's that you say, he has Parkinson's? We had no idea and of course this statement is not in any way related to that.

Contribute to Rep. Spratt's re-election campaign here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010